Elizabeth Edwards

An award-winning communication industry expert, frequent keynote speaker, and architect of the Neuro-Psychological Engagement (NPE) method of communication. 

Revolutionizing the world of

evidence-based communication

Merging the fields of communication, neuroscience, and behavioral science and economics, Elizabeth created NPE as the world's first science-based method for reliably improving communication outcomes that influence human motivation and behavior.

Globally recognized as a visionary for her lifetime of professional communication accomplishments and the development of the NPE method, Elizabeth is also known for her energetic delivery of thought-provoking, highly relevant, and practical advice. She makes the complex world of human motivation, behavioral communication, and neuroscience relatable and easy to apply through her sold-out keynotes, corporate training series, and online classes.

Sought out by international corporations, professional societies, and communication agencies, Elizabeth trains and leads executives and teams in the successful application of NPE.


Celebrated as one of the foremost communication and marketing experts of the new decade, Elizabeth and her companies have won hundreds of marketing, communication, and PR awards. She founded Volume PR in 2001, a celebrated public relations firm, and Engagement Science Lab, the training and application ground for the NPE method and advancing behavioral communication strategies, such as custom non-conscious research labs.

She is amplifying the world of evidence-based communication by training professionals how to evaluate the behavioral and cognitive factors behind consumer decisions and how to integrate these into communication programs that demonstrate results.

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A member of Forbes Agency Council, she served as the 2018-19 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Technology Communication Section Chair.


Prior to founding Volume PR, Elizabeth was with Ogilvy PR and the aerospace division of The Boeing Company. She is a graduate of Pepperdine University.


When not rewriting the future of communication textbooks, Elizabeth enjoys the great Colorado outdoors and doing puzzles with her two young boys and their Great Dane, Hazelnut.

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