Connection. Comprehension. Conversion.

Stop struggling to create compelling communication.

As communicators, we have a problem...

Nobody listens like they used to

How we listen is changing...

Now, more than ever, our minds are running from too much noise.

As a society, we are in a collective state of communication overload, and our minds are developing powerful coping mechanisms to manage the noise.


That’s bad news for traditional communication and content creation methods that research is proving don’t just confuse people; they trigger full-blown message rejection.

Cognitive Overload Drowns You Out​

Many of us are in states of "Cognitive Overload" from processing so many messages, plus 70,000 thoughts a day, and making 35,000 decisions a day.

We don't take things in the same when in overload.

Biases Cancel Your Message Out

Hundreds of biases silently fight against your best attempts to create understanding and trust.

More than 180 have been mapped that interfere with communication and engagement alone.

The way we can change the world is through changing human behavior

There hasn't been a way to do that... until now.

After 2,000 of guesswork, 

Effective communication has finally become an established science.

While most universities still teach Aristotle’s Rhetoric as if it’s still the most effective approach to persuasion, it has been vastly improved on by a combination of several sciences.

The fields of behavioral sciences, neuroscience, and behavioral economics began uncovering fascinating insights into how the human mind responds to communication. We’ve taken that information and used it to make the communication program Aristotle would have killed for.

  • Grammar, syntax, and style are mechanics that support communication

  • But these mechanics don’t help you connect and convert.

  • Connecting is the whole point of communication.

Science is finally discovering what makes us truly engage with our listeners...

Imagine having a map of what makes your audience’s minds light up.

As science uncovers new things about the minds communication preferences,
we can apply them in business to create a system for increased results

Welcome to Neuropsychological Engagement

  • A system of techniques based on human behavior and motivation science.

  • A system that increases conversion and changes behavior.

  • A psychologically optimized system for successful engagement.

    • Break through biases

    • Create meaningful connection in crises

    • Unite communication, PR, marketing, sales, and leadership

    Welcome to a new era
    in professional communication

    An engagement blueprint based on the science of human motivation and behavior, NPE is an easy to follow system for communication professionals of every skill level.

    • It's easy to learn and apply.

    • It immediately increases results.

    • It can unite your team with a shared framework for communication

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    The Science of Human Engagement:
    Creating Connection in an Age of Noise

    How do you tune communication to connect in an age of noise?

    Science has proven the most effective communication touches the conscious and non-conscious mind at the same time, but how to reliably do so has been systemically blocked from the practice of professional communication, until now.

    In The Science of Human Engagement: Creating Connection in an Age of Noise, Elizabeth Edwards, founder of Engagement Science Lab, Volume PR, and the Behavioral Communication movement, explores how the mind is evolving as noise and information sources multiply, and the opportunity before professional and everyday communicators alike to reorient how we think about talking to exhausted minds.