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Gain a new level of precision and competitive advantage

How well you know customers’ thoughts, motivations and unconscious desires can make the difference between simply reaching a customer and actually winning a customer.

Impact audit

Communication clarity

Is your current communication a few tweaks away from perfect, or a silently triggering a dumpster fire of frustration?

  • Most “conscious” research outcomes cannot be trusted.

  • Test the non-conscious impact of your business and brand communication.

  • Market research is available for you in a range of forms, from individual research projects, to building your own private non-conscious preference testing and research lab.

Keynote speaker

Let Elizabeth unite your organization

Futurist Communicator, Writer, Strategist & Creator of the Behavioral Communication Movement

  • Corporate Strategist & Trainer - Sought out by international corporations, professional societies, and communication agencies, Elizabeth trains and leads executives and teams in the successful application of engaging with science.

  • Communication Industry Leader - Elizabeth is an award-winning communication industry expert, frequent keynote speaker, trainer, and architect of the NeuroPsychological Engagement (NPE) method of communication.

  • Known for her energetic delivery of thought-provoking, highly relevant, and practical advice, Elizabeth makes the complex world of human motivation, behavioral communication, and neuroscience relatable and easy to apply.

Engagement Science Keynotes, Webinars & Trainings

  • Research & insight

    We research markets, competitors and business processes to develop the high quality metrics and in-depth qualitative understandings that facilitate informed decision making by executives and management.

  • Message Development

    Our proprietary message and positioning system produces messages that arm organizations with the key points and communication assets to increase brand awareness, reach more customers, and generate more media exposure.

  • Crisis Communication

    Crisis communication is something no one hopes to need, but all companies and organizations need to prepare and plan. It is designed to protect and defend and individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation.

    • Content Marketing

      The success or failure of your business development plan often hinges on the strength of your content marketing program. We live in a content-driven world and connect our clients with its power.

    • Marketing Communication

      In today’s hyper-communicative market, simply having a superior product or service is not enough. Through your communication, whatever the medium – your key messages must engage, entice and excite your audience to take action.

    • Corporate Communication

      Make the most of the talent you already have through an NPE corporate communications training that infuses your staff with the knowledge to incorporate behavioral science best practices into company communication efforts.

    Elizabeth Edwards is available as a keynote speaker, webinar lead, or virtual trainer for your non-profit, business, team, or association.
    Tailoring of content to specific industries may be available.
    Please inquire for more details.

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