Elizabeth Edwards

Keynote speaker &

futurist communicator


Elizabeth Edwards

Futurist Communicator, Writer, Strategist &

Creator of the Behavioral Communication Movement

Ranking in the top 1% of all speakers for the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Edwards is globally recognized as a visionary for her lifetime of professional communication accomplishments and the development of a science-based engagement method, Edwards is also known for her energetic delivery of thought-provoking, highly relevant, and practical advice. She makes the complex world of human motivation, behavioral communication, and neuroscience relatable and easy to apply through her sold-out keynotes, corporate training series, and online classes whether in India or Indiana.

Elizabeth Edwards introduces the NeuroPsychological Engagement method and keys for increasing the effectiveness of communication as the keynote speaker at the 2019 Women in Business Conference from Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union in New York.

Let Elizabeth unite your organization behind science-based communication

Celebrated as one of the foremost communication and marketing experts of the new decade, Elizabeth Edwards and her companies have won hundreds of marketing, communication, and PR awards for the impact of their work, including being named a 2019 Woman of Excellence by the International Women Economic Forum (WEF), a 2020 Outstanding Women in Business by the Denver Business Journal, and PR Daily's "PR Professional of the Year."

Let me help your organization

Learn the science of communication

with Neuro-Psychological Engagement

  • Learn what engagement really means. Go beyond superficial clicks, likes and shares and dig into what it means to truly connect with your audience on an emotional level that has been proven to affect decision making

  • Understand how to build content that engages your audience both intellectually and emotionally, while overcoming all the modern-day interferences drowning you out.

  • Learn how science is mapping responses to messages to teach us how to be more successful communicators.

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